what a tough gal

look at this rough and tumble babe


he just wanted to climb a mountain in peace



her: u eat ass?

me: image

delete this post



glados’ voice is very important to me

send me voice clips of the robot babe

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I’ve noticed that the way cr1tikal talks kind of resembles an Aperture Science Personality Core

I GLaDOS-ified his voice from this video and I have to say I think it works (aside from my own lazy editing)


Please identify by Andrew Walke

i think its about time to draw a bunch of dumb porn


Subterrain is a very well made zombie survival game that’s more of a top down DayZ than a an arcade zombie blaster.

There is some gunplay in Subterrain, but as with DayZ, it’s more about survival, with limited supplies you need to eat, drink, sleep, scavenge and craft items in order to survive this zombie infested underground city.  Food, water, medical supplies and (most importantly) weaponry are littered around the areas, all helping you to survive that little bit longer. 

Still early in development, the game already looks fantastic, with dank gloomy rooms full of great little details and lots of lurking zombies.  It’s a tough game, you’ll have to plan, scavenge, ration and fight to survive, but nobody said the surviving a zombie apocalypse would be easy!

Download the Alpha, Free

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